endshweekpostcard2017What’s the Problem?
Catcalls, sexist comments, public masturbation, groping, stalking, and assault: gender-based street harassment makes public places unfriendly and even scary for many girls, women, and LGBQT people. It limits their access to public spaces.

What is It?
Meet Us On the Street: International Anti-Street Harassment Week – a program of Stop Street Harassment –  is an opportunity to collectively raise awareness that street harassment happens and that it’s not okay. We will hold our seventh annual week of awareness from April 2-8, 2017. Join us!

Here are ideas for how to participate.

Read the wrap-up report from 2016, when groups in 36 countries participated.

Why a Week?
Activists and individuals around the world work hard year-round to make public places safer but once a year we can help amplify each other’s voices and make the global mainstream media pay attention by collectively speaking out together.

4-13-16-harassmap-awareness-day-at-menofeya-university-in-egyptWhy Hold it in April?
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month in the USA and springtime in the Northern Hemisphere. While street harassment occurs year-round, spring is a time when there is an increase in the harassment because of the increased daylight hours and warmer weather that brings people outside. Street harassment is often seen as an inevitable part of the change in seasons, but it shouldn’t be. Spring is no excuse for street harassment.

Who are the Organizers?
International Anti-Street Harassment Week is a program of Stop Street Harassment.  A core team of activists led by Holly Kearl are are largely volunteering their time to make the campaign possible.

In 2017, the key collaborators are Elisa Melo and Britnae Purdy.

4-16-16-march-in-kathmandu-nepalWhat’s the History of the Week?
On March 20, 2011, after only a month of planning, more than 2,000 people from at least 13 countries participated in International Anti-Street Harassment Day. In 2012, it was expanded into a week, and more than 100 groups from over 20 countries co-sponsored the week and tens thousands of people participated through online activism, rallies, marches, events, and sidewalk chalk parties.

Read the reports about what happened in 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012

Art & Media Volunteers:
Logo and fliers designed by Kira Hug, video created by Nuala Cabral

Event Leaders:
See the co-sponsors page — many of the groups listed there organized events in their community.

Translation Volunteers:
Cindy Li, Daniel Echeverri, Carley McCready Judith Theissen, Sevgi Baysal, Ivana Vuckovic, Gabriel G. Rocha Belloni, Silvina Galmozzi Martinez, Derek Giroulle, Julie Brilliant, Saheem Khizar, Sasha Lola, Dalia Goldberg, Paulina Pędziwiatr, Leeza Bubnova + her mom, TBG, Engy Ghozlan, Clarissa Barbosa, Sarah Talmi, Anne Szustek, Corina Dumitrescu, Iris de Miranda, Cristina Koen, Talia, Ghaidaa Alabsi, Anne Szustek, Alexandra Durate, Iris de Miranda, Pragati Singh, Oliver Frey, and Lorna Ciani.

2017 Online Manager:

Britnae Purdy is a public health communicator currently studying for a MSc of Public Health through the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Britnae is looking forward to pursuing a career promoting women’s health in a community development setting and an upcoming move to the Washington DC area.

2016 Program Manager:

Lauren McEwen

2015 Program Manager: 

Britnae Purdy

2014 Social Media Volunteers:

– Jackie Beilhart
– Kendra Corbin
– Lea Goelnitz
– Julie Mastrine
– Yasmine Nagaty

2013 Social Media Volunteers:

– Michelle Garrett
– Julie Mastrine
– Erin McKelle
– Yasmine Nagaty
– Richelle Perry
– Maggie Rosenbloom

2012 Social Media Volunteers:
Linda Sarsour, New York City based activist and community organizer
– Marti J. Sladek, former litigator, Owner, Speaking Up & Speaking Out
– Simone Dugal Webster, recent graduate of Pasadena City College and local feminist activist
– Viviana Caridad Arcia, Stanford University campus leader
– Claire S. Gould, Burness Communications, Communications Coordinator
– Jacquelyn Joan, an MPA Non-Profit Management student at CUNY Baruch and online activist
– Katie Landers, online marketing professional and feminist activist


What’s the Latest?

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