Thank you to everyone who took part from April 10 – 16, 2016!

** Save the date for 2017: April 2-8. **

Special Global Action!

ANYONE COULD JOIN — As part of International Anti-Street Harassment Week, Stop Telling Women to Smile hosted an international wheat pasting night on April 15, 2016. Details. Make a suggested donation (of any amount) to the artist.


Online Actions:

April 12: Global Tweetathon!! Tweet about street harassment and solutions for ending it with the hashtag #EndSH throughout the day.

Tweet chats:

  • April 11, 11 a.m. ET/3 p.m. GMT, hosted by Sayfty, with guests Sasha Rabsey from HowFund and Colleen LaFontain (#Sayftychat)

Sayfty chat

  • April 13, 10 a.m. PT/5 p.m. GMT, hosted by Safe Routes to School National Partnership (#MoveEquity)

ASH tweetchat promo image

  • April 14, 9 p.m. ET/1 a.m. GMT, hosted by Collective Action for Safe Spaces and MYSVA (#CASSchats)
  • April 15, Time TBD, hosted by Safecity India

April 14, 12 p.m. ET/4 p.m. GMT: Google+ Hangout Discussion about street harassment and what it looks like in various countries, hosted by Jerin Arifa, National Organization for Women (NOW) First Virtual Chapter: Young Feminists and Allies. The panel participants will be: Simona Chirciu (Romania), Naomi Mwaura (Kenya), and Munibah Choudhry (USA). View it here.

Photo Campaigns:

  • Post a photo of your dog on Instagram for #HoundsAgainstHarassment!
  • Safecity is hosting an online photo campaign to engage followers in answering the question “What would your safe city look like?” Use #MySafecity with your photos

International Actions:

  • Afghanistan: Free Women Writers will post street harassment stories on their site [Virtual]
  • Argentina:  Acción Respeto: por una calle libre de acoso will organize a campaign focused on the street harassment of LGBQT identified people [Virtual]
  • Argentina: The Women’s Movement Mumalá (Women of the Latin American Matria) conducted an awareness campaign in the Plaza Mitre about street harassment [April 10]
  • Bahamas: Hollaback! Bahamas is partnering with the College of the Bahamas for a chalking event along a main walkway on campus. The chalking will span four days, with an all-school break with artists on hand to help with the chalking on April 14. [April 11-14]
  • Bangladesh: ActionAid Bangladesh is going to organize a “Human Chain” in protest of sexual violence in public spaces, with collaboration from other civil society organization and `Activista’ [More details to come].
  • OCAC online campaignBolivia, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Uruguay: The OCAC groups in these countries will launch a joint campaign that week called #NoEsMiCultura (#NotMyCulture). They will have a video and graphics that will be shared on Facebook and Twitter. Also they will have a photothon that will ask people to take pictures using the hashtag of the campaign.
  • Cameroon: Women for a Change, Cameroon is hosting a street harassment lecture seminar with 15 youth ages 14-19 year [April 17]
  • Canada: Women in Cities International, in partnership with Lucie Pagès, and Noémie Bourbonnais, will host a vox pop on the street. They will go into the streets of Montreal and ask people questions regarding street harassment. They will also bring sidewalk chalk and write messages at all the locations in Montreal where they film at to draw attention to street harassment and to the week. They will also hand out fliers to interviewees about street harassment and how to stop it. [Montreal, various locations, across the week, starting April 10]
  • Canada: Hollaback Ottawa is hosting a community event, including an info fair (6:30-7:30 p.m.) and a moderated panel with rad, local folks & a community discussion on street harassment and intersectionality (7:30-9 p.m.) [April 15, 6:30-9 p.m., Makerspace North, 250 City Centre Ave Bay 216, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6K7]
  • Canada: Hollaback Vancouver will do wheatpasting. They will also hold a party with Good Night Out Vancouver to celebrate consent and spaces free from harassment. [April 15, 10 p.m., Red Gates Art Society]
  • Canada: Hollaback Peterborough will be chalking the main downtown area [April 16, 12 p.m., meet at Peterborough Square]
  • Canada: Hollaback Ottawa is hosting chalking & will engage passersby in conversation [April 17, 3 p.m., Elgin]
  • Chile: OCAC Chile will organize an event called Festival Respeto Callejero (Street Respect Festival). They will have music, stand up comedy, workshops, self-defense class, and activities for children [April 16, time TBD, Parque Bustamante].
  • Democratic Republic of Congo: ActionAid DRC will organize an advocacy dialogue with local authorities. They will release results from a street harassment survey and propose their demands for change. They will also take action online to raise awareness [More details to come]
  • Ecuador: Hollaback Cuenca is hosting Café-Tertulia por Espacios Públicos Seguros and women will come together to share their street harassment stories over coffee [April 16, 6:30 p.m., Cafetería “Mujeres con Éxito” (Baltazara de Calderón 2-26 y Miguel Vélez)]
  • Egypt: Imprint Movement will host an online awareness campaign across the week and also do sidewalk chalking and other street actions [Cairo, April 12-13]
  • Egypt: MSSA-Mansoura will host a virtual awareness campaign using GIFs , real audience stories and videos on Facebook and Twitter (#EndSH استرجل). They will also hold workshops at schools and peer-education training sessions for college students [Mansoura, March 27 – April 16]
  • Egypt: HarassMap outreach teams will talk to people in Korba and Cairo about how they can end sexual harassment [April 10].


  • Germany: Across the week, ProChange will distribute their red cards against sexism and pink cards against homophobia in Dortmund, Germany, as well as beer coasters in pubs and bars to sensitize people to the subject matter. The cards will be directly handed out to harassers. The coasters shall point out to dangerous situations and encourage people to take action. They will mark places where they have been sexually harassed with chalk. Details.
  • Guatemala: OCAC Guatemala will launch a pilot street harassment mapping project, an interview with Congresswoman Sandra Moran, and a social media campaign [April 11].
  • Guatemala: OCAC Guatemala will distribute information about street harassment and how to respond [April 17]
  • Guatemala: OCAC Guatemala will provide a training about the Guatemalan legal frame related to violence against women and street harassment [April 9, 16]
  • India: Safecity will organize youth to create mural paintings about street harassment [April 11]
  • India: In Delhi, Safecity will host street plays about street harassment in three communities [Across the week]
  • India: Safecity will host a cricket match in Delhi with girls and boys (to encourage accessibility to parks by all genders) [April 16]
  • India: Safecity will follow-up a campaign launched in Lal Kuan with a photo campaign and Safety Sprawl to see what has happened a year later [Across the week]
  • India: Safecity will organize a Safety Sprawl in two communities in Mumbai [April 13]
  • The Maldives: Nufoshey will be raising awareness about street harassment by sharing stories throughout the week, sharing survey findings, and online posters with information about street harassment and how to respond. Tentative: Spoken word poem. They will also be writing an article for a local online newspaper [Across the week]
  • Mexico: In 2015, a workshop titled “Reaproppriation of public space in face of sexual harassment in public transportation” was hosted by Habitajes AC and CoHabita DF. As an outcome, 20 women living in Mexico City from different ages, occupations and backgrounds worked together towards the development of a campaign against sexual harassment, “Space is public, my body is not”. The artwork consists of a series of photographs created by the visual artist Cerrucha, portraying the women participating in the workshop. The women’s network R2 Red Reapropiaciones (formed after the workshop) will release the images across the week, #ElEspacioEsPúblicoMiCuerpoNo and #EndSH [Virtual]
  • Nepal: Youth Advocacy Nepal, ActionAid Nepal and others will various activities across the week, including: rapid assessment to identify the status of street harassment in Nepal, photo campaign, youth workshop on “street harassment and government policy,” flash mob, sidewalk chalking, documentary screening,  mass rally, street drama, hand over memorandum, and a social media campaign.
  • Nepal: Numerous groups will hold a march against street harassment in Kathmandu [April 16, 7 a.m. SHARP, Bhrikutimandap to Shantibatika]


  • Nepal: Activista Nepal has a full agenda planned, including flash mob, forum theatre/street drama, self-defense class, workshops and presentations, art/chalking/flyering, and dialogues and discussion with armed police and police personnel on the topic “Act Against Street Harassment to Build a Better Today” [Across the week, Kathmandu]
  • The Netherlands: Straatintimidatie will launch a social media campaign and write an op-ed for a local newspaper. [Across the week]
  • Papua New Guinea: The UN Women Safe Cities programme site will host an “Anti-Harassment Awareness Day” in Port Moresby at two venues and times. First, in the Gordons Market, there will be a community conversation animated by the Municipal Gender Desk and a youth group that promotes ending violence against women in public spaces through yoga (10 a.m. – 12 p.m.). Then, from 3 – 5 p.m., they will interview women commuters at women-only bus stops about their personal impressions and solutions to harassment in public spaces. During this activity also the repheral pathway, developed by UN-Women and the local government, will be shared and accesible to the women commuters. [April 12, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 3-5 p.m. in Port Moresby]
  • Philippines: UN Women Safe Cities and the Quezon City local government will work with the Tricycle Drivers Association to train 100 tricycle drivers (tuktuk drivers) on gender sensitivity and to come up with joint solutions for addressing sexual harassment and sexual violence against women and girls in public spaces. The workshop will facilitate identification of the role of tricycle drivers as partners in ending street harassment and promoting the new city law passed to increase fines and penalties against all forms of sexual harassment in public spaces [Quezon City, April 16]
  • Philippines: UN Women Safe Cities has worked with communications students at the University of the Philippines to design a campaign to stop street harassment. They’ll hold a photowalk to test their campaign at another university and host a workshop on the 4Rs to Stop Street Harassment.
  • Philippines: UN Women Safe Cities Metro Manila will host a #FreeFromFear online campaign. Each day they will post a photoblog testimonial of women sharing their stories and as well as one short film per day created by mass communications and digital design university students who entered a contest last December [Manila, across the week on Facebook and Twitter]
  • Romania: FILIA Centre will hold various actions and events across the week, including creating videos, sharing flyers, having flashmobs, and hosting a workshop [Across the week and some, virtual]
  • Romania: FILIA Centre will hold a picnic to create a safe-space to talk about issues of street harassment [April 15, 3 p.m.]
  • UK: The Chelt Fems in Cheltenham will launch a campaign and video [Virtual]
  • Yemen: To Be for Rights and Freedom will host an event in connection with an anti-street harassment campaign. At the event, NGOs will display relevant survey results, films, and share stories. [April 14, 9 a.m., Location TBD]

United States Actions:

  • California: The Cat Call Choir will organize a group of irreverent but hopeful women singing street harassment quotes to the tune of nursery rhymes. [April 15, 5:30-6:30 p.m., Cafe La Boheme, San Francisco, CA in the muraled alleyway]
  • Georgia: Slutwalk Atlanta is hosting a street event to raise awareness about street harassment. The organizers will provide handouts files that participants can print and hand out. Please bring your own signs. Chalking may occur too. [April 16, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. ET, Woodruff Park]
  • Georgia: Men Stopping Violence held a workshop with students at Emory University on April 7 and they designed social media posts they will share across the week [Virtual]
  • Illinois: CHLH 340 students at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign will do tabling on the campus quad to discuss sexual assault portrayal in the media [April 11, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.]
  • Iowa: End Street Harassment – Iowa City is hosting a few events in Iowa City across the week, including sidewalk chalking. [April 12, 8:30 p.m. Meet at the Iowa City Public Library]
  • Iowa: End Street Harassment – Iowa City will host a support group for individuals who have experienced street harassment to share their experiences in a safe environment. Participants can create posters and other art projects for display to raise awareness and protest street harassment. Meet in Room E on the second floor of the downtown public library, 123 S. Linn Street. [April 14, 6:30 – 8 p.m.]
  • Iowa: The University of Iowa is doing a photo campaign on campus called “#hawkeyesdontharass” to raise awareness and have different student organizations show their support. From mid-February until April 11, they are taking pictures of students and having them write on their flyers what someone has said to them if they have been harassed and feel comfortable and safe enough to disclose or why street harassment needs to end. Then on April 11 they will display the photo campaign along with a pledge to end street harassment in one of the main sections of the campus.
  • Maryland: FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture is hosting Not Alone Baltimore. The Monument Quilt will blanket two blocks of North Avenue between Howard and Charles Street with 1500 stories from survivors of sexual and domestic violence and messages of support from their communities. The day long event will include readings, discussions, workshops and performances. [April 10, 12 -5 p.m.]
  • Maryland: Hollaback Bmore is hosting a Self-Care Gathering at the MICA Wellness Center [April 12, 6 p.m.]
  • Maryland: Hollaback Bmore and Collective Action for Safe Spaces will hold a rally at the Ynot Lot, 4 W North Ave. [April 16, 2 -4 p.m.]
  • Massachusetts: The Boston Feminist Collective is hosting a Chalk Walk and Speak Out [April 16, 1-4 p.m., Boston Greenway – 185 Kneeland Street, Boston, MA 02111]
  • Missouri: Students, including Actio (the feminist activism student group) at St. Louis University will be chalking and handing out resources at a main entrance to campus for a “Take Back the Streets: Stop Street Harassment” event [April 15]
  • Nevada: Hollaback! Las Vegas is tabling at Extreme Thing and will be doing chalk walks at various high schools around Southern Nevada, including Cowan High School and tentatively Las Vegas Academy [Details to come]. 
  • New York: Brooklyn Movement Center will host an event at which participants will use improv and storytelling techniques to reimagine ways they would have responded to harassment, with time travel and community support on their side [April 14, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., Friends and Lovers, 641 Classon Ave, Brooklyn, NY]
  • New York: Women Worldwide Initiative and Wordat4F will host an Open Mic Against Street Harassment [April 23, 2 p.m., Alianza Dominicana Cultural Center, New York City]
  • Ohio: Students at Mount Union University will do awareness-raising on campus [Details to come]
  • Ohio: People’s Justice League will host sidewalk chalking in Athens [April 16.]
  • Pennsylvania: Susquehanna University’s Women’s Studies department is hosting their annual chalking on campus. [April 13, 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.]
  • South Carolina: In Columbia, local activists will distribute flyers and post signs during the monthly Second Sunday events around Marion Square and King Street [April 10]
  • Washington, DC: Collective Action for Safe Spaces (CASS) is hosting chalking to reclaim the streets. [April 10, 1:30-3:30 p.m., pick one of three locations: 1) 14th & U St NW;
    2) Anacostia Metro Stop in SE; 3) H & 8th St NE
  • Washington, DC-area: WMATA, SSH and Collective Action for Safe Spaces (CASS) will release the findings of the city’s first-ever transit harassment survey and co-host a flyering event at several metro stations. [April 12, 4-6 p.m. Sign-up to volunteer]
  • Washington, DC: CASS is hosting a public workshop on responding to street harassment. $10 suggested donation. Register. [April 12, 6 – 8 p.m.]
  • Washington, D.C.: End Rape on Campus co-founders Annie Clark and Andrea Pino have edited a volume of stories by rape survivors — We Believe You — and will host an event for its release. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) will join them. [April 13, Politics & Prose, 6th & I Street, NW, 7 p.m.]
  • Washington, DC: Defend Yourself is hosting a workshop called “Dealing with street harassment.” [April 16, 1- 4 p.m., Yoga Heights, Petworth, 4 blocks from Green/Yellow Line, wheelchair accessible.]

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