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Special Global Action!

ANYONE CAN JOIN — As part of International Anti-Street Harassment Week, Stop Telling Women to Smile organized an international wheat pasting night on April 17, 2015. Here were the details[AFTERNOON/EVENING APRIL 17]


April 12 | 7 p.m. EDT (11 p.m. GMT): End Street Harassment: A Multicultural Perspective: Google Hangout

Please join Young Feminists and Allies, the National Organization for Women’s First Virtual Chapter, and Stop Street Harassment for a Google Hangout about Street Harassment from a multicultural perspective.

Holly Kearl, founder of International Anti-Street-Harassment Week, will moderate three brave women with diverse backgrounds as they discuss the similarities and differences in the ways they experience street harassment.

* Kasumi Hirokawa: TCK and trilingual feminist from Shanghai who currently lives in Japan

* MorningStar Angeline: Native American and Latina actress who lived in both the Southwest and West Coast of America

* Muneera Hassan: Bangladeshi-American, Muslim, college student from Boston currently living in Northern VA who wears hijab

There will be a Q&A section, so please send us your questions in advance or during the event at youngfeminists at gmail dot com or Tweet at at @nowyoungfems and please use the #EndSH hashtag.

April 13, 6-7pm – Me=You: Sexual Harassment Awareness will be hosting a Google Hangout with Erin McKelle from Stop Street Harassment (SSH), who will be speaking about this cause and answering questions on sexual harassment. INFO. 

Tweet Chats:

  • April 12 | 4 p.m. Indian Standard Time: @PintheCreep will focus their Tweet chat on encouraging people to report harassers.
  • April 14: All-day Tweetathon about street harassment in various regions across the world, #EndSH.
  • April 15 | 1 p.m. EDT: @EvrydayFeminism will host a Tweet chat about what communities can do to address street harassment.  
  • April 17 | 12 – 1 p.m. EDT: @NOWYoungFems will host a Tweet chat to discuss street harassment across the broad spectrum of gender-based violence and discuss a holistic strategy to violence on every level.

Girls Speak developed posters detailing bystander responses for street harassment. Download your posters here! Be sure to share pictures of the posters in your own communities! When you post these, tweet pictures and tag @GrlsSpeak and @NoStHarassWeek, and include the hashtag #EndSHWeek.

No Moleste di Strada designed thought-provoking stickers and are placing them in public spaces highly affected by street harassment. They intend to creatively raise awareness on the phenomenon by also asking peoples’ contribution. They encourage our followers to spot the stickers, send us the pictures, and suggest us new ideas! Find the stickers on their Facebook page, and share both online and in public spaces near you!


  • Afghanistan: Daughters of Rabia published one street harassment story per day on their site
  • Argentina: Acción Respeto: por una calle libre de acoso had activities around the country. They handed out pamphlets, pasted signs around the city, placed a stand on the main parks in BA to talk to people, and on April 19th they had a march to demand a law that protects women against street harassment.
  • Bahamas: Hollaback! Bahamas hosted several events throughout the week:
  • – Saturday (before the week) – Meditation and stress relief workshop with World Peace Initiative which will be in The Bahamas as part of its Latin American and Caribbean tour. [Chives Patio, NPCC on Blake Road, Nassau. April 11, 8-10am]
    – Tuesday – Press release to celebrate our one year anniversary, talk about Int’l ASHW, and announce the STARR Initiative (our safe space program) [April 14]
    – Thursday – Chalk art event at College of the Bahamas in collaboration with the PRO Society (art club) [April 16]
    – Thursday – Free self-defense workshop for College of the Bahamas students [April 16]
  • Bangladesh: Speak Up Club at the Asian University for Women will be distributing fliers and speaking to taxi drivers, rickshaw drivers, and shop keepers throughout the week, as well as chalking the sidewalks. More details to come!
  • Brazil:  Chega de Fiu Fiu is planning the following events:
    – Call To Action on Twitter: we are publishing several information and article on Twitter and invite our readers and partners to engage with us and our hashtag. The idea is to tweet directly to VIPs in order to raise awareness to the cause.
    – Arts: we are inviting artists to create illustrations about street harassment and we are publishing them on our social medial (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
    – Facebook Q&A with a Public Defender about street harassment (What women can do when harassed? What does the Brazilian law say about it?)
    – Facebook Q&A with a Brazilian senator who is trying to pass a law criminalizing street harassment on public transportation (to be confirmed)
  • Cameroon: Young Women for a Change, Cameroon held a dialogue in Beau with youth and adolescents to address the different forms of Street harassment facing women and girls and how to intervene. [April 12]
  • Canada (Toronto): The Street Talk Project launched their new exhibit! Inspired by the Take Back The Night movement and #yesallwomen, The Street Talk Project is a public art installation and gallery exhibition that addresses how women navigate the city and the socialized sexism that governs their bodies on a day-to-day basis. Using humour and subversive advertising, this project will bring attention to the ways in which public space is navigated differently by different bodies; address how sexism is felt viscerally on a day-to-day basis; and further the belief that we are all responsible for making public spaces accessible and welcoming for all bodies. [Exhibit Launch is April 16, 7-8pm at the Whippersnapper Gallery in Toronto.]
  • Canada (Toronto): the RU Student Life team of students at Ryerson University’s goal this week is to participate in International Anti-Street Harassment Week by sharing Ryerson community stories via a photo based campaign. We noticed that students experience harassment not just off campus but even on campus as well, and as a leader in digital community at Ryerson, we wanted to add our voices to the call for change and join the international conversation. They’ve started posting our photos and stories to their instagram account and will soon update their Facebook album with all the stories/photos we collected. They decided to take the personal approach to allow people to share their own experiences and put a face to the issue.
  • Canada (Ottawa): Hollaback! Ottawa pasted the STWTS posters [April 17]
  • Canada (Vancouver): Hollaback! Vancouver debuted their interactive campaign and art show “What’s Your Number?” It will enable people to record the frequency and emotions involved with street harassment for 24 hours. Clickers (or counters) will be distributed to initial participants along with a blank notebook. For 24 hours, they will click twice for direct street harassment, and once for an indirect impact. At the end of the 24 hours, the clickee is encouraged to creatively express the experience in the notebook provided through mediums like poetry, illustration or essaying before they’re passed on to the next one. At the end of the week, the notebooks will be collected by the Hollaback Vancouver team for compilation. In order to showcase the process behind What’s Your Number?, the art show will be a free event extended to the community at-large. Part education, part creative and part party, this night will get everyone together in a comfortable space to talk about the effects of street harassment and – most importantly – what can be done. [Campaign kicks of all over the city on April 12th, with the Artshow / wrap up party taking place April 30th 436 Columbia St Vancouver BC 7-11 pm]
  • Canada (Alberta): Hollaback! Alberta held “Street Harassment Happens Here,” where they walked through the high traffic areas of Whyte avenue, stopping every 5 minutes, and providing chalk & support to those who wish to participate. Participants are welcome to use sidewalk chalk to describe their experiences and/or feelings regarding street harassment on the sidewalk. It can be specific incidences that have occurred on Whyte Ave, or they can be general statements. Chalking can be a powerful way to share your experiences, reclaim spaces that are made to feel unsafe, and support those who are silenced by street harassment. [April 18, 1-5pm on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton between Gateway Blvd and 109th Street.]
  • Chile: OCAC Chile hosted an event in a local park with performances and art [April 18]
  • Colombia: OCAC Colombia hosted a number of events in Bogota:
    • SUNDAY, APRIL 12 – 9:00 a.m.: STOP THE STREET HARASSMENT: We will be in the Sunday’s Bikeway and we will will cross cycling the 7th Avenue from Plaza Bolivar to the National Park | DOMINGO 12 DE ABRIL – 9 AM. ALTO AL ACOSO. Estaremos en la Ciclovía y haremos un recorrido por la carrera séptima desde la Plaza de Bolívar hasta el Parque Nacional
    • MONDAY, APRIL 13 – 5PM to 8PM: TALK “COMPLIMENT OR HARASSMENT, LET’S TALK ABOUT STREET HARASSMENT.” Street harassment is an issue that must be discussed, so we will be waiting for you at the Camilo Torres Auditorium of the Sociology’s building at the National University. | LUNES 13 DE ABRIL – 5PM A 8PM
      CHARLA “GALANTERÍA O ACOSO, HABLEMOS DE ACOSO CALLEJERO.” El acoso callejero es un tema del que hay que hablar, así que les esperamos en el Auditorio Camilo Torres del edificio de Sociología de la Universidad Nacional.
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 14 – 3PM: WE TAKE THE STREETS. We prepared a tizatón to claim that street belongs to everyone. Meet us at the Río Arzobispo, diagonal 40A con carrera 19 | MARTES 14 DE ABRIL – 3PM. NOS TOMAMOS LAS CALLES. Preparamos una tizatón para reivindicar que la calle es de todas y todos. Nos encontraremos en el río Arzobispo, en la diagonal 40A con carrera 19
    • THURSDAY APRIL 16 – 2PM: ANY AGRESSION WITHOUT RESPONSE. The Colectiva Urgente Anárquica y Sinverguenza (C.U.C.A.S), will do a workshop teaching feminist defense. We are still waiting to confirm the place, so please be aware. | JUEVES 16 DE ABRIL – 2PM. NINGUNA AGRESIÓN SIN RESPUESTA. A cargo de la Colectiva Urgente Callejera Anárquica y Sinverguenza (C.U.C.A.S), se realizará un taller de defensa feminista. Aun estamos a la espera de confirmar el lugar, entonces estén muy pendientes
    • FRIDAY 17 APRIL – 5PM. HARASSMENT IS VIOLENCE. We will march with the Tremenda Revoltosa Batucada Feminista, and beat the drums against all forms of violence on our bodies. We’ll wait you since 5pm at Colpatria Tower. | VIERNES 17 DE ABRIL – 5PM. EL ACOSO ES VIOLENCIA. Marcharemos junto con la Tremenda Revoltosa batucada feminista, haremos sonar los tambores contra todo tipo de violencias sobre nuestros cuerpos. Les esperamos a partir de las 5pm frente a la Torre Colpatria, en la carrera séptima con calle 26
    • SATURDAY 18 APRIL – 7PM: We will closure the week dancing, so you are invited to a pro-fund International Week Against Street Harassment spree. See you at la Redada, Carrera 19 No 33A-26 | SÁBADO 18 DE ABRIL – 9PM. Cerraremos la semana bailando e invitándoles a una farra pro-fondos Semana Internacional Contra el Acoso Callejero. Nos vemos en el Rehuso, en la Carrera 19 No 33A-26
  • Egypt:  Harassmap hosted several events throughout the week.
    – Facebook campaign: We are going to have daily posts on our Facebook page with hashtag #endSH and #اسبوع_ضد_التحرش (‘week against harassment’). The content of the posts will be examples of verbal harassment, to clarify and show examples of harassment that are often seen as flirting but are of course not (the examples have been crowdsourced through social media, from women in Egypt).
    – Video: 4 video implementation of stories that we’ve received during out campaign Mesh Sakta (‘dont be silent’), the videos show sexual harassment situations that happened and where others intervened to stop it. Videos will be posted online (Facebook and YouTube)
    – Blog: We are hoping that we could launch our blog by this week. as this will be the first Egyptian blog for anti sexual harassment
    – Event: We will be having an event at Helwan university in Cairo as part of our program to stop harassment at universities (Safe Schools and Universities program) where we will have seminars with the students to inform them about how to end social acceptability of sexual harassment and how they can work to implement a anti-sexual harassment policy at their university.
  • France: Stop Harcelement de Rue went in subway and suburban trains, and a Paris train station in order to distribute flyers and to sensitize people to all the types of violence women have to go through in transports. During these events, they will be wearing a super-hero costume as the “Team Zero Relou” (no streetharassers team)! [April 14: event in the RER A (suburban train in Paris) | April 16: happening at Gare du Nord, Paris.]
  • France: Stop Harcelement de Rue hosted actions in 3 different cities:
    Twitter chat about sexism and harassment on public transportation (@stophdr #terminusrelou) [April 13 – 3 pm]
    Leaflet distribution in line A of the RER train (this is one of the usual actions of our Transport unit) [April 14 – 7:45 pm]
    Artistic happening in the hall of the Gare du Nord station, where actors will play scenes of harassment (the public will not be made aware of it being acting until the end) [April 16 – 5 pm]
  • LYON
  • In collaboration with the Family Planning unit 69, the collective will be collecting testimonies from passers-by. [April 12 – 3 pm. Location: Place de la Comédie]
    Leaflet distribution [April 14 – 7 pm. Location: Vaise subway station]
    Chalk walk [April 16 – 5 pm. Location: Quai Victor Augagneur]
    Chalk walk [April 18 – 3 pm. Location: Montée de la Grande Côte]
    Information stand to raise awareness [April 19 – 3 pm. Location: Parc de la Tête d’Or]
    New poster campaign launch [April 13 – 8 pm.]
    Meeting with comic book author Thomas Mathieu who created the Projet Crocodiles tumblr. In this tumblr, Mathieu illustrates stories of everyday sexism sent to him by readers. (To be confirmed) [April 15 – 6 pm. Location: Maison de l’Etudiant (Lille 1 University)]
    Leaflet distribution at Lille Flandres subway station. [April 16 – 5 pm]
    Launch of the “No harassment bar”. This is an agreement reached between the collective and a bar (of which the name will be announced that night) in order to make it a “no harassment zone”. We are hoping to reach agreements with more bars later on. [April 17 – TBD (nighttime)]
    Wall of shame: post-its are made available for passers-by to write insults and catcalls they were subjected to. The post-its are then glued to a giant board (this is the second wall of shame as the first one took place on International Women’s Day). [April 18 – 2 pm]
  • Germany (Dortmund): ProChange will distrubute red cards against sexism and pink cards against homophobia during the week. They also will put flyers and other information at park benches, advertising columns etc. and also will hand out informational beermats to draw attention people about street harassment and how to take action in pubs, cafes, clubs etc.[All week]
  • Germany (Berlin): Hollaback! Berlin will post the STWTS posters [April 17] INFO
  • India: Safecity will be hosting workshops and street plays. Stay tuned for more details!
  • Mexico City: CoHabita/Habitajes will paste 65 #STWTS posters along 45 stations on Line 1 of the Metrobus in Mexico City throughout the week and will join the STWTS Wheat pasting night on April 17.
  • Mexico City: Marty Langelan and Associates is beginning the first harassment-intervention campaign for buses in Mexico City!
  • Nepal: Youth Advocacy Nepal (YAN) and Activista Nepal in partnership with like minded social organization are organizing following events:
    1. Youth dialogue on ” Civic and Youth Action on anti street harassment,” a  youth dialogue on anti-street harassment in featuring a series of lectures and Q&A. There will be participation of 50 young people with diverse background. The objective of the program is to enhance the knowledge and skills of young people on anti-street harassment so that they can play the role of catalyst to abolish the street harassment.
    2. Demonstration with painting bag –  It is the demonstration of young people in which youth carry the hand made bag with positive message regarding street harassment.
    3. Sidewalk chalking, profile picture changing, blogging, article writing. These actives are performed to engage young people to be the change makers in the days to come so that they play the positive role for abolishing the street harassment prevailing in the Nepal particularly towards girls, women and LGBTI.
    4. “Anti street harassment March” –  It is huge rally with the participation of more than 500 young people including others with placards with anti street harassment slogans. The objectives of the program is to increase the awareness on anti street harassment and exert the pressure to concerned authorities for adopting appropriate policy and laws and implement the laws prevailed in Nepal effectively. [April 15]
  • Nepal: Hollaback! Kathmandu will be hosting a Stand Up Against Street Harassment event, displaying charts and boards that say street harassment is not okay. They will also be interacting with the local people about what the campaign is and what they can do to respond to street harassment and stop it. [April 12, 3-5pm at Basantapur]
  • Nepal: Hollaback! Kathmandu will be doing a Mens Pledge at Patan Durbar Square. They will gather as many men and boys as they can to sign the pledge saying that “I say no to street harassment.” [April 14, 1pm at Patan Durbar Square]
  • Nepal: The Nepal Mahila Ekata Samaj (Nepal Women Unity Society) is hosting the following events:
  • 1. Safer city for Women and Girl! – Will release the findings of an audit of public space of Tripuresor area of Kathmandu Valley. [April 15th]
    2. Self defense training – They will organize a five days training with adolescent girls of the slum community. [April 12-16]
    3. Chalk writing on street and bridge – Write the slogan and demand on street and bridge inform the public and masses abou the issue. [April 18]
  • Netherlands: Hollaback! Amsterdam will be launching their brand-new chapter! Join them for their launch party! [The Doelenzaal room at the University of AmsterdamUniversiteitsbibliotheekSingel 425, April 14th 6:30-8:30 pm]
  • Pakistan: No to Harassment hosted a seminar and discussion about how a woman is #notanobject. [April 12]
  • Romania: FILIA: Centre for Curriculum Development and Gender Studies
    • April 17 – ”Anti-street harassment evening” – Evening documentaries/ clips and a debate about street harassment with people interested in the subject
    • April 18  – Public action in park to raise awareness and to share fliers with information about street harassment and also write chalk messages, discussing with people and ending the activity with a flashmob about the importance of bystander intervention and avoiding victim-blaming attitudes.
    •  April 22 – Local TV talk-show (addressed to young people but is in another town then Bucharest) appearance to talk about street harassment.
  • Serbia: Equity Youth Association will be hosting a week long campaign to educate locals about what street harassment is. This will include flyering and handing out graphics and info across the city with information from their recently conducted survey, and hosting a chalk walk with local university students in a city park that is notorious for being  a high-harassment area [Flyering April 12-18, Chalk Walk April 17th]
  • South Korea: Rok Gi Yeon Promotions is hosting “Ladies Night Vol. 2,” a benefit concert to support the charity Disruptive Voices, in Seoul. [April 11, 5pm-2pm, find the Facebook event here]
  • South Korea: Hollaback! Korea will be releasing a qualitative report of stories they’ve gathered in the first year since they launched.
  • Turkey: Hollaback! Izmir will be hosting several events through the week, including a street harassment forum [April 12, 2-3pm at Caffenol Bistro], a banner-making workshop [April 12, 3:30-4:30pm] and panels and street activity [April 18, 2-6pm] Find more info here. 
  • United Kingdom: Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Centre will host street action focused on victim-blaming and rape culture (#ThisDoesn’tMeanYes) at Braithwait Tunnel, Braithwaite Street, London [April 11, 4 p.m.]
  • United Kingdom: London transit will be releasing their marketing video for the anti-harassment campaign Project Guardian called Report It to Stop It.[April 13]
  • United Kingdom: Hollaback! York will be celebrating their launch with a workshop, flying, survey, and chalk walk. [April 18th, 1-4pm at the York City Centre]
  • United Kingdom: LCTKD will be hosting “Spreading the Understanding,” a virtual and in-person martial arts class. Stay tuned for more details!
  • United Kingdom: Hollaback! York will be holding their launch event during #EndSHWeek! Join them to share stories and learn more about their new community survey. [April 18, 1:30-3pm Fishergate Room the in the Priory Street Centre]
  • United Kingdom: Hollaback! Nottingham is holding a clay workshop! They’ll be discussing street harassment and methods to deal with it while creating pieces for an upcoming exhibit [April 16, 2pm at Nottingham Women’s Centre, 30 Chaucer Street, Nottingham UK. Women only please]
  • United Kingdom: Hollaback! Nottingham is holding a Zine Workshop! The street harassment workshop will be followed by a zine making working. Expect collaging, typewriter, scribbling, doodles, thoughts, memories, experiences, stories! This is a mixed event and all are welcome. [April 14 at 6pm, Nottingham Women’s Centre, 30 Chaucer Street, Nottingham, UK]
  • ZimbabweThe Women Against Street Harassment Movement will be speaking at schools, handing out fliers, hanging posters, appearing on radio and television, and inviting people to sign petitions and survey regarding street harassment – actions that have never been done in Zimbabwe before! Contact them for more details.


  • Arizona: Hey Baby: Art Against Sexual Violence will host a chalking. They are also collecting artwork against sexual violence for an upcoming display. INFO.
  • California: Valley Crisis Center will have a button making machine where individuals can make/design their own button describing what they can do to fight street harassment/catcalling/degrading comments and also empower others to do the same. [Merced Community College [Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (April 14-16,2K15) from 10-1PM]
  • Florida: Citizens Against Street Harassment will do chalking in Miami at the start of the Lincoln Rd pedestrian walkway (Lincoln and Washington by the Bank of America) [April 12, 3 p.m.]
  • Georgia: Hollaback! Atlanta will be hosting  Let Me HOLLA at You – A Panel Discussion. Presented by Holla!ATL’s Tayler Mathews and Clark Atlanta University’s Women’s Initiative Program [Monday, April 13th, ​6pm – 7:30pm​ at Clark Atlanta University, McPheeters Dennis, RM 201, 223 James P Brawley Dr SW, Atlanta, GA 30314]
  • Georgia: Hollaback! Atlanta will be hosting HOLLA Coffee Hour. Hosted by Holla!ATL’s Kiersten Smith [Wednesday, April 15th, 4pm – 6pm at Octane Coffee Bar, 437 Memorial Drive Suite A5, Atlanta, GA 30312]
  • Georgia: Hollaback! Atlanta will be hosting HOLLA March, organized by Holla!ATL’s Jessica Caldas. The march incorporates Caldas’ sculptural piece Four Letter Word, to be carried by a group of volunteers who will carry them around the city. The march will take place throughout midtown and downtown and utilize the spaces of various Marta stations as well as the street. In preparation for the march, Caldas will be coordinating chalk based intervention pieces at various Marta locations based on Holla!ATL’s Marta Street Harassment survey responses. [Sunday, April 19th, 1pm – 4pm Locations TBD, Downtown and Midtown Atlanta]
  • Illinois: Volunteers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne campus are hosting the following events:
  • April 13 – #GamerGate Hot Topics Dialogues, a discussion about online harassment [7pm, Women’s Resources Center]
  • April 14 – Chalk the Quad with anti-street harassment messaging (led by Illini Art Therapy Association) [12:30pm, Main Quad]
  • April 15 – Informal dialogue on street harassment [6-7pm, Illini Union (space TBA)]April 16 – Tabling event, 11a-1p, Main Quad (handing out buttons and sexual harassment resources)
  • April 17 –Stop Telling Women to Smile Day
  • April 17 – Walk a Mile [5-6p on Main Quad]
  • April 17 – Green Street Hug-in [6-8p on 6th & Green Streets]
  • Iowa: The Ending Street Harassment in Iowa City group will meet to chalk messages throughout downtown Iowa City and the UI campus, targeting areas where they have personally experienced street harassment. On Friday, April 17, they’ll post “Stop Telling Women to Smile” posters throughout the community. [Date of chalking TBD]
  • Iowa: Hollaback! Des Moines is hosting their 3rd Annual Chalk Walk to End Street Harassment. [April 12, 1 pm at the Pappajohn Education Center]. Can’t be there in person? Sometime during the week of April 12-18, go back to a street where you experienced harassment. Reclaim that space by writing an empowering message; then take a picture and send it to them at! They will post all the photos to their blog after the event.
  • Maryland: Hollaback Baltimore and Force will be hosting an #EndSHWeek photo shoot. They will provide a dry erase board for each person to write a quote of something that has been yelled/cat-called at you on the street.  You’ll hold up your sign, they’ll snap a pic, and all the photos will be shared in a campaign on our Facebook and Twitter pages during International Anti-Street Harassment Week. We will also take video of those who want to share their story. [April 11-12, 1-4pm at Force: Upsetting Rape Culture Studio 1400 Greenmount Ave Baltimore, MD 21202]
  • Maryland: STREETWISE is hosting a Basics of Self Defense Class. This 4-hour hands-on workshop will give you the confidence, knowledge and strength to feel empowered in a life-threatening situation. You will learn basic defense techniques on how to recognize, react to and survive an attack! [Saturday, April 18, 2015 @ 10:00am – 2:00pm  at Fitness Craze – 223-D Brierhill Drive, Bel Air, MD 21015] INFO
  • Maryland:  UMBC’s Take Back the Night 2015: In recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, join the Women’s Center on Commons Main Street Thursday, April 16th and let’s take back the night!!

    Events and activities include:
    – Community Resource Fair (begins at 6pm)
    – Clothesline Project
    – Survivor Speak Out Forum (begins at 6:30pm)
    – March Against Sexual Violence
    – FORCE Monument Quilt Making Opportunity and other art activism projects
    and more!

    [The event will be held at the Women’s Center at UMBC 1000 Hilltop Circle, Commons 004 at 6 PM, April 16]

  • Massachusetts:Street Harassment is Not a Game” street action, hosted by Safe Hub Collective in Boston. “We invite women, people of color, trans and gender non-conforming people, queer folks, and disabled people to bring their jump ropes, balls, sidewalk chalk, and favorite playground songs to send the message that *street harassment is not a game*. It is violence. And it is hurtful.” [April 14, 5 p.m., Boston Common] INFO.
  • Minnesota: Hollaback! Twin Cities is hosting two chalking events at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. One will take place April 16, 7:30 to 9 p.m. and another on April 17, 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. Location TBD. INFO.
  • Missouri: The UMKC Women’s Center will be chalking around campus all week, and invites students to stop by the center to learn more! [April 13-17]
  • Nebraska: The sociology, queer alliance and radical notion clubs at Hastings College will host a number of events on campus.
    • Cats against Catcalling” sticker giveaway [April 13]
    • “Out in the Night” screening and panel [April 14]
    • Chalking on campus [April 15]
    • Distributing bystander intervention flyers [April 16]
    • Talk-in to discuss street harassment experiences and solutions [April 17]
  • Nevada: Hollaback! Las Vegas is hosting:
  • Chalk walk @ The Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada
    [Monday, April 13th 3pm to 6pm at The Center 401 South Maryland Pkwy Las Vegas, NV 89101]Chalk walk @ UNLV in partnership with the Jean Nidetch Women’s Center
    [Tuesday, April 14th 10am to 1pm at The Free Speech Zone]Chalk walk Downtown Container Park
    [Friday, April 17th 4pm to 6pm at the Corner of Fremont and 7th]Self-Defense Workshop with Israeli Martial Arts. The workshop is FREE but spaces are limited. To register, email with the subject line “self defense workshop”
    [Saturday, April 18th 11am to 1pm]
  • New York: dianINQUE will be hosting a community meeting in Bushwick, Brooklyn, on Wednedsay, April 15 followed by community outreach via chalk walks and flyering on April 18 and 19.
  • New York: No Disrespect & The Safe OUTside the System Collective present: Free the Streets. Panel discussion making connections between sexualized, gendered, and police harassment + breakouts creating solutions through prevention, intervention, support, and accountability. [April 16, 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Audre Lourde Project, 85 South Oxford Street, NYC]
  • New York: Join Hollaback! at the annual NYC Anti-Street Harassment Rally! The event will feature local activists and speakers and will include a series of workshops for folks to learn more and take action against street harassment. It’ll also feature Hollaback!’s famous 12 foot inflatable #catagainstcatcalling, Hiss! Questions? Let us know at: [Washington Square Park on April 11th, starting at 2pm]
  • North Carolina – SSH campaign manager Britnae will be hosting a charity yoga class at Durham Yoga Company. Street harassment takes a toll on our mental well-being. Take some time to recenter and focus on self-love during this yoga class! We’ll be giving out SSH-themed gift bags! Class is free, but 100% of proceeds will go back to Stop Street Harassment.  [Saturday, April 18, 6-7:30pm]
  • Ohio: In Athens, The People’s Justice League and EMBODY Consent will host a screen printing table. Students and community members are invited to come by with t-shirts, pillow cases and other articles of clothing to have one of several available Cats Against Cat Calls designs printed free of charge [April 15th, 2-6pm outside of Baker Student Center]
  • Ohio: The People’s Justice League will be leading a chalk walk to mark problematic areas on the Ohio University campus [April 17th, 6pm. Meet at the bottom of Jeff Hill on campus]
  • Ohio: The People’s Justice League will be hosting a screening of the film Cairo 678 [April 17th, 8pm at Donkey Coffee, 17 West Washington St., Athens OH 45701]
  • Pennsylvania: SAFE at Temple University, Philadelphia, will be promoting Stop Street Harassment at their Walk a Mile in Her Shoes [April 1st, 11am at Founder’s Garden], The Clothesline Project, and Take Back The Night events [April 1st, 7-10pm].
  • Pennsylvania: University of Scranton is hosting a SHARE (Street Harassment Awareness Response and Education) Fair [April 11, 2-5 p.m. All Saints Academy Auditorium, 1425 Jackson Street, Scranton, PA. Food. Free.]
  • Pennsylvania: Touch Me Philly Productions will be debuting “Reasonable Fear: A Series on Street Harassment and Rape Culture.” Touch Me Philly Productions Presents two weeks of theatre and events exploring the topics of Street Harassment & Rape Culture. This series includes a main stage theatrical production, workshops, comedy, films & more. All designed to let you explore this topic in a safe atmosphere. Nine short plays were chosen from our open submission call to create our Main Stage Theatrical Production. Catch this show Thursdays – Saturdays April 16-18 & 23-25 at 8 p.m. | INFO
  • Pennsylvania: Feminist Public Works will be hosting a bike ride and workshop in Philadelphia. Stay tuned for more details!
  • Pennsylvania: Susquehanna University’s Women’s Studies Program will be hosting a Chalk Walk! Chalk the Walk 2015 encourages students, faculty, and staff to write anti-street harassment messages on the walk using sidewalk chalk. This year’s event marks Susquehanna’s third year participating in this international week of activism. [April 14th, 12 – 1 p.m. at 514 University Avenue Selinsgrove, PA, 17870] INFO
  • Pennsylvania: hu-MAN Up is holding a series of events as part of their #sexismisnotsexy campaign. These include chalk walking and Becoming Human: Words to Help End Rape Culture, an Art Exhibit and Performance of spoken word and monologues. (All are a call to the heart and a call to action, focusing on letting men know that being a good guy is not enough and encouraging men to call out everything from everyday sexism to assault). The performance features a Street Harasser Field Study and a spoken word piece entitled Dear Men Who Harass. [Art exhibit at Annex 24 Gallery, 24 W. Walnut St., Lancaster throughout April, performances April 19-21 at the Green Room Theater, F&M College]
  • Massachusetts: Guerilla Feminism Boston is collecting short stories for their handmade zine, to be passed out during their Chalk Walk (see below). As they say, “As Black women, women of color, queer, trans women & gender nonconforming poc we’re often made to feel unsafe in our own communities due to gender, homophobia, race, sexuality, and gender expression. Often this affects our commutes to and from work, school, social events and other engagements.” To submit your story to be included in our zine, please email submissions to We’re looking for artwork, poetry, stories of what it means to be YOU walking down the street, hanging out at a bar, interacting with the police, etc. Please keep these writings under 500 words. [Submit by April 16]
  • Virginia: Hollaback! RVA is hosting a Bystander Workshop discussing and presenting on how bystander intervention and street harassment intersect. They will provide “swag bags” and snacks to participants! [Richmond, April 12, time and place TBA]
  • Virginia: Hollaback! RVA is hosting a chalk walk on the VCU campus! They invite you to visit their table to pick up candy, literature, and chalk. [April 16, VCU Campus in Richmond]
  • Virginia: The Lambda Alliance and VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood at the College of William and Mary are teaming up to host an event each day of the week, including a whiteboard campaign, film screening, workshop/forum, and several other events to be decided. [William and Mary campus in Williamsburg, dates and times TBD]
  • Washington:  Jaded at Club Contour, a weekly dance night with a heavy focus on safety in their community, is hosting a dance night and distributing pamphlets explaining what street harassment is and why it’s so dangerous, and (if feasible) set up a large poster board where people can write their own stories. [April 16th, 9pm-2am at Club Contour, 807 1st Ave Seattle, WA]
  • Washington D.C.: American University’s Take Back The Night event will in part address street harassment [April 13, 7-10pm]
  • Washington D.C.: GW Feminist Student Union has been creating a photo campaign in which GW students holding a sign with an example of street harassment that has happened to them. On April 13, they will be debuting the photos, adding new ones, and handing out empowering compliments to those who want them! [April 13, Kogan Plaza at George Washington University]
  • Washington D.C:  Zerlina Maxwell speaking about campus sexual assault, rape culture and feminist leadership. [April 14th, 7pm in the Healy Family Student Center, Georgetown University, with chalking at 6pm]
  • Washington, DC-area: WMATA, SSH, Collective Action for Safe Spaces, DC Rape Crisis Center, Rally Against Rape and more will be distributing information about harassment at five Metro stations from 4-6 p.m. Sign up to volunteer. [April 15]
  • Washington D.C: GW Feminist Student Union will be participating in an expo with ONE GW where they will be tabling with a focus on maternal health & street harassment and will be talking about the politics of pregnant bodies and breastfeeding and how that ties into street harassment.
  • Washington, DC: American University will host a chalking on campus [April 16, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.]
  • Washington, DC: Nigerian LGBT activist Bisi Alimi will be speaking at the DC Center [April 17, 8:30 p.m.]
  • Washington, DC: SSH, CASS and Batala! will host street action at U Street and 14th Street, 2-4 p.m. [April 18]
  • Washington D.C.: Marty Langelan and Associates will be hosting two harassment intervention skills workshops, one for a large community organization in SE DC and one at Georgetown Law School. Stay tuned for more details!

 Full list of Washington, DC-area events.

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