Thank you for joining us from April 2 to 8, 2017!

hola_minombreThere were many ways you could participate in 2017 (see below for 13 specific ideas), like hosting panels and chalk walks, organizing rallies and community discussions, handing out fliers, holding art exhibits, posting information on social media, and much more.

On April 7, Stop Telling Women to Smile will host an International Night of Wheatpasting! To participate, complete this form.

In particular, we suggest ideas centered around three main types of engagement:

1. RAISING AWARENESS through the arts, chalking, flyering, marches, rallies, social media postings and more (see guides below).

2. CHANGING ATTITUDES AND MINDS through face-to-face community/neighborhood/campus discussions, op-eds and online chats.

3. ADVOCATING FOR CONCRETE CHANGES by meeting with local government, businesses, transit authority, law enforcement, or educators and bringing street harassment to their attention and making an ask for a concrete outcome or partnership.

Anti-ShweekFranceHere are message ideas.  Here are flyer you can print and pass out. 1 | 2.  Find logos, graphics and other shareable images for social media in this online photo album.

13 Ideas:

1. Share your street harassment story with someone. Share it online.
2. Change your Facebook profile photo to a Meet Us on the Street image (see the the tools page.)
3. Tweet about street harassment using the hashtag #EndSH
4. Post about street harassment on your blog, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc
5. Spread no harassment, pro-respect messages with sidewalk chalk or mud, by posting or handing out flyers, or by standing in a group and holding signs in a busy area.
6. Organize or attend an event, such as a self-defense class, a speak-out, or a workshop.  [Idea Guide]
7. Conduct a survey or host a community safety audit. [Idea Guide] You can even participate in an individual audit in 5 minutes using the free phone app Safetipin!
8. Organize public awareness campaigns (such as posting art work or fliers) [Arts Idea Guide]
9. Watch or show an anti-street harassment documentary or film
10. If you’re a teacher, educate students/youth about this topic. [Idea Guide] Ileana Jimenez (Feminist Teacher) writes about why it’s important to talk to students about street harassment. One easy idea: Show students the award-winning four-minute film “Walking Home” and use the Discussion Guide, created by the filmmaker Nuala Cabral.
11. Write and submit an op-ed.
12. The Philadelphia-based group Pussy Division has stencil patterns you can download and use to post anti-harassment messages on sidewalks in your community.

See photos from our actions in 2016.  | Read the wrap-up report featuring events in 36 countries and 18 US states!

More ideas: Read the reports about what happened in 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012!

Show us what you did!

When you have them, send us relevant links, photos, and video clips showing your participation to hkearl @ or tweet it to @nostharassweek or @stopstharassmnt

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