Spread information about and awareness of street harassment with these tools.

Facts (studies, laws):

* You can visit the Stop Street Harassment site for definitions, statistics, articles, and documentaries you can use/share.

* If you’re in the USA, here is a national study on street harassment with an executive summary you can distribute. You can also distribute flyers about the relevant laws for your state found in our Know Your Rights Toolkit. Hollaback! has a similar guide with information about the laws in several other countries.

Ideas for signs and sidewalk chalking, etc

Blank template you can print & use for your signs


Ideas for messages you can use on signs and sidewalk chalking messaging

Images for Social Media:

In addition to these images, here is an album of image options in a variety of languages that you can use as your social media profile photo from April 10-16, 2016 and/or post the images on Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest or other social media sites. (Right click on the image to save it to your computer and then upload it.)

FBgraphic2016 300 NotaCompliment
EndSH_Flier4 commute  EndSH_Flier5


You can post them, hand them out at events, or distribute in public spaces.

Side 1
Side 2

(PDF – English) (PDF – Nepali)

Quarter sheet fliers with street harassment statistics for various countries in various languages, here are four examples, find more images in this album — see below for the downloadable PDFs.


Download the PDF fliers:

* Worldwide: UN Women calls for action against street harassment (English | German | Mandarin | Serbian | Spanish| Turkish)
* Worldwide: Public transit harassment statistics worldwide 1 (English | Spanish) and 2 (English | Spanish)
* Australia: Street harassment study (English)
* Bangladesh: Street harassment study (English)
* Chile: Street harassment study (English | Spanish)
Ecuador: Street harassment study (English | Spanish)
* Egypt: Street harassment study (English)
* Europe: LGBTQ harassment study (English | Serbian)
* France: Street harassment study (English)
* India: Safety study (English)
* India: Mumbai street harassment study (English)
* Israel: Street harassment study (English)
* Nepal: Street harassment study (English)
* Papua New Guinea: Street harassment study (English)
* Peru: Street harassment study (English | Spanish)
* Rwanda: Sexual harassment study (English)
* Saudi Arabia: Street harassment study (English)
* UK: London transit study (English)
* UK: London street harassment study (English)
USA: Los Angeles transit harassment statistics (English)
USA: Gallup Poll safety study (English)

Press Release Template:

2016 PR to come…


Post the logo on your blog or website to indicate your participation or use the logo in the promotional materials for your offline event (if applicable).

Buttons, Stickers & More:

Check out the Stop Street Harassment store for anti-harassment buttons, stickers, tote bags, etc.

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